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why are cr services important? 

  • Keeping up with talent trends.

  • Low Unemployment rates

  • Performance Management

  • Making sure Candidates are a right fit


For business, temporary personnel service is a cost-control tool which enables companies to staff regularly for normal work loads and to utilize “Temporaries” for peak periods. It enables management to keep overhead to a minimum. The industry is immediately responsive to the demands of the business. Companies are aware, as never before, that profitability is hard earned and requires flexibility among its most expensive assets- it’s people. Being able to match the workforce to the business demands in real time can make all the difference


The client (host employer) finds the employee and places the employee on CR’s payroll for insurance, benefits and for payroll processing.   CR is the Employer of Record for all purposes. 


CR sources middle to upper-management positions. We schedule and facilitate the interview and hiring process for the hiring company. CR never becomes the employer of the sourced talent, it only facilitates the hiring process. Since employment does not take place within CR, it does not carry as much risk exposure, pay employer mandated taxes, nor process payroll. Only an invoice is processed at the time of hire for our services.


CR becomes the Employer of Record, paying all mandated state and federal tax and insurance, while taking on risk exposure for the employee. Staffing typically services industries that seek a trial approach to hiring, including: seasonal employment, high turnover or entry-level jobs, or interim help for overwhelmed departments. A typical payroll & invoice cycle for staffing is weekly. CR will pay the employee and bill the client for the employee pay plus their staffing services. A typical staffing arrangement lasts 120 days, or 720 billable hours. 

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